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Federal Convictions in United States District Courts in the Northern District of California: Appeal Your Case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

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The Federal Criminal Appeals lawyers at our firm handle appeals of convictions of federal crimes in the San Francisco, California area. These cases are appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals process can be long and arduous and you don’t want to maneuver the minefield of litigation alone. You deserve the protection and guidance that only a federal criminal appeals attorney can provide you. We are a boutique law firm that offers the best representation by the best federal criminal appeals attorneys. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys are trained, experienced, and skilled in protecting your constitutional rights and ensuring the best chance at a fair outcome.

Our boutique firm handles federal criminal appeals in California and San Francisco on cases coming from the United States District Courts in the Northern District of California and all of its divisions. Besides the San Francisco area, the jurisdiction of the Northern District comprises of Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Monterey, Napa, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma. All federal appeals from the Northern District will appeal to the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

Superior Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys: Protecting Your Rights on all types of Convictions

Our Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys are experienced in handling all kinds of cases and we are equipped to tackle even the most serious allegations all over the San Francisco area. Cases we have handled include:

  • Computer crimes, White Collar Crime, Insurance Fraud, Mortgage Fraud;
  • RICO Murder, manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon;
  • Burglary, robbery, grand larceny and petit larceny;
  • Credit card fraud, bank fraud, insider trading, public corruption, and other white collar crimes;
  • Drug crimes including possession, sale, and manufacturing;
  • Gang violence, extortion, and kidnapping; and
  • Firearm crimes including trafficking of firearms, manufacture, and sale.

We are experts in federal criminal appeals and we are your best shot at ensuring justice is served. We begin immediately after our free client consultation by scouring the record for any issues or problems with your case. We don’t stop until we scrutinized every page of the trial record to guarantee you the best possible representation. We understand the consequences you are facing and we are there to protect your rights. We ensure you are treated fairly. Don’t take on the federal government alone.

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Our Law Firm Knows Federal Criminal Appeals

Federal criminal appeals attorneys know that the smallest issues can often make the biggest difference in your case. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have experience in finding the legal issues that can make a difference in your case because we’ve argued cases all over the country with regard to:

  • Ineffective assistance of trial counsel
  • Ineffective assistance of appellate counsel
  • Unconstitutional searches of your home and vehicle
  • Improper sentences or restrictions on your freedom
  • Unlawful police tactics resulting in coerced confessions or statements
  • Introduction of irrelevant and damaging evidence to your case and much more

You don’t have to accept unfair trial rulings or verdicts. Contact us immediately and make the most informed and best decision possible for your freedom and your constitutional rights.

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San Francisco, California Appealing White Collar Convictions in the Ninth Circuit

Federal Criminal Appeals: White Collar Convictions

We handle federal appeals for all types of white-collar convictions originating in the bay area including tax fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, healthcare fraud, mail and wire fraud, internet crimes, computer crimes, embezzlement and theft, conspiracy, money laundering, and more. Many defendants convicted of white-collar crimes were not even aware that what they were doing was a crime. Nevertheless, they are convicted and penalties are often severe. Not only could you face a lengthy prison sentence and large fines, but your reputation, future career prospects, and future financial endeavors are all at stake. Don’t lose hope. Fight back with the best.

Call us at 1-800-APPEALS to discuss your options for relief from your white-collar conviction.

Federal Criminal Appeals: Computer and Internet Crimes

With the birth of the Internet and new technological advances, federal convictions involving the computers have become more and more prevalent. Computer and Internet convictions include identity theft, Internet gambling, wire fraud, credit card fraud, solicitation of a minor over the Internet, sex crimes, child pornography, and soliciting or endangering the welfare of a minor. We aggressively represent our clients no matter the conviction. Many times, officials conduct illegal computer searches and seizures and constitutional rights are violated and the lower court makes prejudicial errors affecting your verdict. Our reputable Federal Criminal Appeals attorneys understand that the outcome of your computer or Internet appeal depends on the strength of the appellate brief. We understand that your future and your family’s future depend on us.

Federal Criminal Appeals: Drug Trafficking Convictions

Federal drug trafficking convictions within the United States Criminal Justice System are notoriously harsh. If you are facing the serious penalties from a federal drug trafficking conviction in California, you need experienced, hard-hitting appellate counsel. Our Federal Criminal Appeals attorneys know how to navigate the often complicated process of appealing a drug trafficking conviction, and we will present essential issues that make a difference in your case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the form of a persuasive and thorough argument.

Federal Criminal Appeals: Firearms and Weapons Convictions

A firearm conviction can easily add several years to an already grave sentence. It is essential that you speak with an experienced Federal Criminal Appeals attorney who can identify the appealable issues in your firearms conviction and present them in an aggressive manner to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The sentence for firearm conviction varies based on whether the defendant simply carried, brandished, or discharged the firearm. The law that applies to federal firearm convictions provides that at least 5 years of prison should be added for carrying a firearm, at least 7 years added if the firearm is brandished, and at least 10 years should be added if the firearm is discharged. Every Federal Criminal Appeal, especially those that involve firearms, require an experienced Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Important Deadlines

Do not wait to take action. Appeals have very specific timeframes and deadlines. If you’ve been convicted in San Francisco of a Federal Crime, you have only 14 days to file what is known as a Notice of Appeal. Failure to file this notice before the deadline can have serious consequences. If you have not filed a Notice of Appeal or if you have missed the deadline, contact us immediately to discuss your options.

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