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If you have been convicted of a federal crime in San Diego, California, you have a right to appeal your case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. You deserve to have experienced, trained Federal Criminal Appeals attorneys by your side every step of the way. We are a boutique law firm with highly skilled Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers and we guarantee zealous representation for our clients. Call today for a free and full consultation about your federal criminal case and your options on appeal.

San Diego falls within the jurisdiction of the United States District Courts of the Southern District of California. The Southern District is composed of just two counties: San Diego and Imperial counties. Federal Criminal Appeals coming from the Southern District as well as the Northern, Central, and Eastern Districts of California are handled in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Assertive Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Who Handle All San Diego Federal Convictions

Our Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys have experience in many different kinds of criminal cases that occur all throughout the San Diego area such as:

  • Burglary, vandalism, and arson;
  • White-collar crimes including credit card fraud, bank fraud, insider trading, and public corruption;
  • Drug possession, sale, and manufacturing;
  • Gang activities and violence such as extortion, kidnapping, and robbery;
  • Violent crimes including assault, manslaughter, and murder; and
  • Firearm possession and manufacturing, and selling guns and ammo across state and federal lines.

Our Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys are experts in navigating the criminal field in order to ensure justice is provided to everyone. We carefully examine every aspect of the trial to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. The courts will not guarantee your rights are protected. The prosecutors will not guarantee your rights are protected. The best thing you can do to ensure your constitutional rights are protected is to call the law firm that handles only Federal Criminal Appeals. We will get started on your case by offering you a free consultation to explain the criminal appeals process.

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Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Identify Appealable Issues in the Ninth Circuit

Our experts can spot the smallest issues that can make the biggest difference in your case. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have argued cases all over the country with regard to:

  • Unlawful searches and seizures
  • Unlawful searches of home, auto, computer, cell phone
  • Improper warrants and arrests
  • Unfair sentences and restrictions on probation or parole
  • Illegal interrogation and introduction of statements into evidence
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel and a failure to identify major issues in your defense

Don’t settle for an unfair verdict. Let our qualified criminal appeals attorneys help you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our appeals attorneys know the system and they know how to use it to your advantage. We craft expertly written briefs to ensure your rights are protected.

Federal Criminal Appeals: Procedures and Crucial Deadlines

Individuals convicted in a San Diego federal court must appeal their case to the Ninth Circuit and that brings along challenges and obstacles unique to the Ninth Circuit. One challenge you may face is the need to file a Notice of Appeal. Please note that a Notice of Appeal MUST be filed within 14 days in order to guarantee your right to an appeal. Failing to file this notice can be disastrous, so you need to move fast. If it has been past 14 days and you have not filed a Notice of Appeal, there is still hope, but action must be taken immediately.

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Federal Criminal Appeals in San Diego, California and the Ninth Circuit San Diego Drug-Related Federal Appeals

In San Diego, federal drug convictions often involve the smuggling of drugs from Mexico into the United States. Federal drug and narcotics convictions should not be taken lightly. Depending on the type and quantity of narcotic involved in addition to the severity of the conviction, you could face a lifetime prison sentence. Whether you were convicted of drug possession, sale, trafficking, manufacturing, or all of these in a California federal court, our experienced attorneys are here to help if you believe you received an unfair verdict or sentence. You have the constitutional right to a fair trial, yet errors are made in lower courts every day that prejudice defendants to the extent that they affect the verdict.

Do not settle by paying for the mistakes of others; call us today at 1-800-APPEALS.

San Diego Firearms Federal Appeals

When a federal conviction involves a firearm, additional penalties are automatically imposed and your sentence could be drastically enhanced based on provisions within the United States Sentencing Guidelines and the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA). As experienced Federal Criminal Appeals lawyers, we know when these enhancements are appropriate and how to argue against sentence enhancements. Whether your conviction involved the discharge, brandishing, or possession of a firearm during a robbery, possession of a firearm during a drug offense, a multiple firearms, stolen firearms, or firearms trafficking, you can appeal your conviction. If you have been unjustly sentenced to a firearms conviction, you may still have options.

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