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Federal Criminal Appeals in Massachusetts and the First Circuit Court of Appeals

The trial is over, the verdict is guilty, and a harsh sentence has been handed down. Many are left at this point feeling that they were wrongfully convicted based on a mistake, a lack of evidence or maybe even the punishment does not fit the crime. Do not give up hope; you have the right to appeal. It is imperative that you contact an experienced federal criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible.

We are a boutique Federal Criminal Appeals law firm that handles only Federal Criminal Appeals. We are admitted to practice in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. Whether your federal criminal conviction originated in Boston, Brockton, Lowell, New Bedford, Springfield, Worcester or anywhere else in Massachusetts, our federal appeals lawyers can and will protect and defend your rights on appeal - all the way to the United States Supreme Court, if necessary. We are experts in the art of writing appellate briefs and presenting legal arguments to Federal Appeals Courts. We will find the errors in your case, argue them to the First Circuit Court of Appeals and present the best possibility for the reversal of your conviction. Whether your case went to trial or you opted for a plea agreement, we will find and present your best options in the Federal Appeals Courts.

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Massachusetts Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Master the Process and Procedure

The first step in every appeal is contacting an experienced Federal Criminal Appeals Attorney as soon as possible. Why? Because federal criminal appellate law is complex, extensive and there are time limits to preserve and present your appeal. For example:

  • You must file a Notice of Appeal within 14-days of the entry of the judgment or order that you are appealing to preserve your right to appeal;
  • You must file a statement of the issues presented on appeal within 14-days of the Notice of Appeal;
  • You must obtain all transcripts of pre-trial and trial proceedings; and
  • You must file an appellate brief with the court and serve it upon the government within 40-days after filing record on appeal.

The Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi can help you navigate the procedural rules and substantive laws involved in the appellate process. Our experienced federal criminal appeals attorneys help both individuals and businesses in a wide-range of post-conviction appeals including the following:

  • Cybercrime such as Internet fraud, hacking, trade secrets, identify theft, intellectual property crimes and copyright infringement;
  • Economic crimes including bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, advance fee schemes, insurance fraud, “con man” schemes, money laundering offenses, tax offenses, securities fraud, commercial bribery, copyright infringement, defense procurement fraud, environmental crimes and complex computer-related crimes;
  • Health Care fraud, Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud committed by corporations and individuals;
  • Organized Crime and Drug crimes such as manufacturing, distribution, possession and selling illegal substances, as well as conspiracy, RICO Act, extortion, Hobbs Act, loan sharking, mail fraud and wire fraud;
  • Public Corruption and Civil Rights prosecutions; and
  • Major Crimes including arson, explosives, firearms offenses, bank robberies, sexual exploitation of children, assault on federal officials, crimes on federal reservations, customs offenses currency counterfeiting, postal internal and external matters, federal regulatory and program offenses, and theft cases.

Massachusetts Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys that Move Mountains to Uncover Errors

Many ask “what is an appeal”? Well, it is not a new trial or a second chance to make a new argument. An appeal is your opportunity to present a well-organized, written brief to a higher court explaining how you were denied a fair trial and what should be done. In Massachusetts, that higher court is the First Circuit Court of Appeals. And, on appeal, there are several judges that will review and hear your case.

The federal criminal appeals attorneys at the Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi believe that you should not be punished for the mistakes of others. We help safeguard your Constitutional rights and protections by examining the trial process, analyzing the trial court record and bringing to light appealable errors including the following:

  • Improperly admitted evidence obtained by invalid warrants or illegal search and seizures (4th Amendment);
  • Failure to provide a fair process and equal treatment (5th Amendment);
  • Errors due to ineffective assistance of counsel (6th Amendment);
  • Unreasonable or excessive sentences (8th Amendment); and
  • Violations of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Massachusetts Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Make the Most of the Moment

Why is an appellate strategy important? Because only the errors that denied you a fair trial will help you persuade the First Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the conviction or sentence, or remand the case back to the trial court for a new trial or sentencing hearing.

Anytime there is an appealable error, the Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi will inform you, explain the ramifications and work with you to develop a strategy to resolve the issue. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have helped many people in seeking the following post-conviction relief:

  • A new trial or hearing;
  • A new or reduced sentence;
  • Leniency, clemency or a pardon;
  • Overturning a judgment or conviction;
  • Habeas Corpus;
  • Early termination of probation; and
  • Expungement and restoration of civil rights.

It is our job to make sure the judges know that your rights were denied, violated and ignored. We are here to serve you in your Massachusetts federal criminal conviction appeal

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