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Defending your Constitutional rights when charged, convicted and sentenced for violating federal law is an uphill battle. However, your conviction and sentence is not final until confirmed on appeal. If you believe that your conviction, sentence or both are the results of legal errors, you might have a right to appeal, and we can help.

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We are a boutique law firm experienced in protecting individual and corporate clients in complex Federal Criminal Appeals and post-conviction relief. We serve all appeals emanating from Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita and any other city in Kansas where a Federal Criminal case arises. We are admitted in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. Therefore, we can represent you in appealing your federal criminal conviction originating in Kansas all the way to the highest court in the United States, if necessary.

Our federal criminal appeals lawyers have experience in a wide-range of federal criminal appeals including the following:

  • Violent crimes;
  • Complex corporate and financial institution fraud;
  • Computer fraud;
  • Health care fraud;
  • Complex drug and money laundering activities;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Firearm violations;
  • Public corruption;
  • Mortgage and bank fraud;
  • Drug, narcotics and controlled substance crimes;
  • Gang-activity and organized crime;
  • Crimes involving national security and terrorism;
  • Child pornography; and
  • Immigration violations.

Kansas Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Handle Federal Criminal Appeals Exclusively

What are some of the available post-conviction options? Suffice it to say that you have options when deciding to challenge the legality of your conviction, sentence or both. Of course, the options depend upon the trial court record, as well as your needs, expectations and goals. The federal criminal appeals attorneys at our boutique firm have helped many people seek some of the following relief:

  • A motion for reconsideration seeking an acquittal, a new trial, an arrest of judgment or a sentence modification;
  • A direct appeal of your conviction, sentence or both, which is based entirely upon the trial court record;
  • A collateral appeal, which is based upon issues outside of the trial court record such as new evidence, claims of ineffective assistance of counsel or Writs of Habeas Corpus;
  • A motion for leniency, clemency or a pardon; and
  • A motion seeking to modify the terms of probation.

What are some possible issues for review in criminal appeals? The federal criminal appeals lawyers at the Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi have years of appellate experience and are capable of spotting some human and legal errors including the following:

  • Issues involving evidence illegally obtained, improperly admitted or intentionally withheld by the prosecution;
  • Convictions based upon forced confessions, statements made in violation of Miranda rights or evidence obtained outside the presence of counsel;
  • Denial of the right to confront adverse witnesses;
  • Double jeopardy;
  • Search and seizure violations, exigent circumstances and lack of probable cause;
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • Improper jury instructions; and
  • Sentencing violations.

Will the court of appeals determine if I am innocent or guilty? No. An appeal is a request to a panel of judges in a court of appeals challenging the legality of the conviction, sentence or both. The panel of judges will review the trial court record and the written briefs to make sure that you were given due process of law. For conviction originating in Kansas, the court of appeals is the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Do I get another chance to appear in court and testify? No. Appeals are made by submitting a written document called a brief. It is in this document that you must present evidence that legal errors were made during the trial court proceedings, arguments supported by law as to why they were prejudicial and in violation of your constitutional rights and what must be done to correct the mistake.

What happens if an appeal is successful? A favorable decision can result in the reversal of your conviction, the modification of your sentence or a new trial or sentencing hearing. In rare cases, a decision might persuade the government to drop the charges.

Kansas Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Keep Fighting for Your Rights

Can I seek review of an unfavorable decision on appeal? Yes. You can ask a higher court to review an unfavorable decision. You might even be able to make a collateral appeal if your direct appeal is denied.

Why is it important to work with an experienced appellate attorney? Well, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will not do the work for you, nor will they spend a lot time trying to determine what you are arguing and why they must correct the mistake. Post-conviction relief is your last line of defense. Therefore, it is vital that you work with someone that understands the appeals process, has knowledge of criminal law, evidentiary law and constitutional law and has experience spotting issues and writing clear, concise and persuasive appellate briefs.

The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our firm have the tools and the talent necessary to defend your rights on appeal.

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