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Are you or someone you know seeking relief from a wrongful conviction or sentence of a federal crime in South Carolina? Turn to the federal criminal appeals attorneys at our boutique law firm. You may be able to find post-conviction relief by pursuing a federal criminal appeal. We serve Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Charleston, North Charleston, Rock Hill, Florence, and any city in South Carolina where federal criminal charges may arise. Not only are we admitted in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, but we are also admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. We can represent you in appealing your federal criminal conviction originating in South Carolina all the way to the highest court in the United States, if necessary. There are many different types of federal criminal appeals, including:

  • A direct appeal of your conviction, sentence or both;
  • A collateral appeal raising issues outside of the trial court record;
  • Motions for reconsideration seeking an acquittal, a new trial, an arrest of judgment or a sentence modification;
  • Section 2255 motions to vacate a conviction or sentence based upon new evidence;
  • Writs of Habeas Corpus;
  • Motions for leniency, clemency or a pardon;
  • Motion seeking modification of probation; and
  • Motions seeking to expunge your criminal record.

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South Carolina Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Scrutinize Trial Court Proceedings for Prejudicial Legal Errors

A direct appeal is your best first-step in challenging the legality of your conviction, sentence or both. What exactly is a direct appeal though? In a direct appeal, you are asking a higher court to review all of the documents, evidence, testimony and discussions between the court and the attorneys to assure that you were not denied due process of law. For convictions coming out of South Carolina, the higher court is the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals consists of a panel of very experienced judges (instead of one judge like a trial) who will be looking for prejudicial legal errors that negatively affected the outcome of your case. The federal appeal attorneys at our firm are dedicated to defending your rights by raising these issues in an assertive yet presentable manner on your behalf.

The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our firm have years of experience finding and raising constitutional issues and violations committed by the police, the prosecution or the trial court include the following:

  • 4th Amendment issues involving undercover officers, confidential police informants, illegal tracking of your automobile, boat, or plane, illegal wiretaps or your phone or computer and illegally obtained evidence improperly admitted;
  • 5th Amendment violations such as denial of equal treatment, forced or coerced confessions or Miranda Rights violations;
  • 6th Amendment errors such as deprival of a speedy and public trial, denial of your right to confront adverse witnesses and ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • 8th Amendment violations such as the misapplication of federal sentencing guidelines resulting in an increased or unreasonable sentence or amounting to cruel and unusual punishment; and
  • Convictions based upon improperly admitted or tainted evidence.

Winning a Federal Criminal Appeal in South Carolina

The path to winning a federal criminal appeals involves critical steps and understanding of the complex process and procedure, and one must cautiously comply with strict standards of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Do not take the appellate process and procedure lightly. Your appellate brief must be well-organized and well-written. Your arguments must be concise, well-reasoned and supported by statutory and case law. That’s where our expert federal criminal appeals attorneys come in. Not only do we understand criminal law, evidentiary law and the nuances of constitutional law necessary for success, but we also have a superior grasp of the complex process involved with successful federal criminal appeals.

We understand the difficulties you have endured as a result of your federal criminal conviction, and we are here to help. Often times the government spends enormous amounts of resources building a case in support of a long-list of charges. Of course, their first goal is to pressure you into pleading guilty by way of a plea bargain. When they don’t succeed, they will do their best to secure a victory at trial. Even after you have served your time, you will continue to suffer the consequences of you conviction with the presence of a criminal record. Sadly, you cannot get back the wasted time and hardship endured as a result of your conviction. But you can get post-conviction relief by challenging the legality of your conviction, sentence, or both. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up hope.

Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have experience in a wide-range of federal criminal appeals including the following:

  • Robbery, home invasion, felons in possession of firearms, assaults on federal agents, kidnapping, bank robbery and armored car robbery;
  • Drug and Narcotics crimes such as manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, importing, possession, importing, producing, diversion, distribution, and selling of controlled substances and narcotics;
  • Firearms crimes, weapons possession;
  • Major fraud including deceptive accounting, insider trading, falsification of corporate financial information, identify theft, tax evasion, insurance fraud, bank fraud, wire & mail fraud, mortgage fraud and fraud committed against federal agencies;
  • Human smuggling, international organized crime, gang activity, immigration crimes and RICO violations;
  • Health care fraud, procurement fraud, illegal diversion or dispensation of prescription drugs and bankruptcy; and
  • Terrorism and national security violations;
  • Public corruption, export and customs violations, child exploitation and environmental crimes.

South Carolina Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers are Prepared to Fight for You

Why should I hire an appellate attorney? Many people stick with their trial attorney when appealing a federal criminal conviction. This is not an optimal decision since the appellate process is very distinct from the trial process. Appealing a federal criminal conviction is a complex journey with many traps for the unwary. An appeal is the last thread of hope for post-conviction relief. Do not underestimate this process.

A favorable decision can result in the reversal of your conviction, the modification of your sentence or a new trial or sentencing hearing. In rare cases, a decision might persuade the government to drop the charges. You can still ask a higher court to review the decision even if your request is denied.

Our job as federal criminal appeals attorneys is to defend your rights, and we have been doing this work for a long time. We are seasoned professionals capable of recognizing errors committed by the police, the prosecution and the trial court. We know the law. We understand the process. We are writers, orators and attorneys.

We are in your corner, and we will fight to defend your rights. Call 1-800-APPEALS and speak with one of our experienced appellate attorneys about your case and your options.

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