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If you have been convicted of a crime in a United States District Court (the Federal trial court) in Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi you need to consult with a Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer who handles Federal Criminal Appeals in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. We are a boutique firm that handles only Federal Criminal Appeals in the Circuit Courts of Appeal throughout the United States and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. We are focused on finding and researching legal issues for Federal Criminal Appeals, whether you were convicted after trial or after a plea agreement. We are highly skilled brief writers and we can review an entire trial record or a sentencing record after a plea. Finding legal issues in both of these situations is the core of our practice. We will leave nothing to chance, no stone unturned, and we strive to achieve success in your case. The stakes are high, the consequences are serious, and you need serious representation for your Federal Criminal Appeal.

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The Criminal Appeal Process: Mastering The Fundamentals

We will expose the legal issues that the judge and your lawyer missed After the consultation, the first step in the appeal process is to scrutinize the court record, whether it is a trial record or the plea and sentence. We learn the details and issues of your case thoroughly by examining court transcripts, exhibits and motions. Crafting each legal issue for the appellate court’s review and conducting legal research are fundamental to your case; it’s where we start. Making sure every issue is covered and comprehensively researched is the starting point for a great legal brief. We will always run through numerous drafts of every brief before submitting it to the Court to ensure that no detail is lost; legal issues, case law, statement of facts (telling your side of the story), even grammar, sentence structure and paragraph structure are all essential parts of the process of creating your appellate brief. Your brief will be filed electronically and by hard copy with the Fifth Circuit. Knowing how to file is a key part to making deadlines with the Circuit Court of Appeals.

After we file your brief the Government will file an answering brief and we will then have the opportunity to draft a “reply,” attacking the Government’s arguments against you. Each of these stages is essential to the appellate argument, each will receive our meticulous attention. We are experienced in addressing questions posed by federal appellate judges. Oral argument before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is a dynamic and fluid roller coaster ride for even the most experienced attorney. This is an interactive rapid-fire session where we advocate for you before a panel of Federal Judges; they ask questions, we answer and persuade, time is limited, preparation is paramount. Federal appellate courts differ from the trial courts; oral argument provides an appellate attorney with a limited amount of time to present your case and answer questions from the judges. But more than answering questions, oral argument is an opportunity to persuade the Court. It is a face-to- face meeting with the judges that will decide your case; it is the lawyer’s opportunity to probe the Court to see where they harbor doubts about the legal arguments raised in the appellate brief. Every question asked by a Judge on the panel is gold. Every question is an opportunity to understand and persuade. Our lawyers understand the essence and importance of the moment. We are there every step of the way arguing for you.

The Federal Appeals Process can be confusing and hard to follow. Don’t go through the process alone. We have experienced, talented Federal Appeals Attorneys that can guide you through every step and guarantee your best shot at justice.

You must appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals if you have been convicted or took a plea deal in one of the following U.S. District Courts:

  • Eastern District of Louisiana
  • Middle District of Louisiana
  • Western District of Louisiana
  • Northern District of Mississippi
  • Southern District of Mississippi
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Northern District of Texas
  • Southern District of Texas
  • Western District of Texas

Cases in these districts usually arise from cities such as Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; and more. Any disposition entered in any of these courts must appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; you must act expeditiously because time is limited. If you have been convicted or signed a plea agreement in any of these districts, you must file a Notice of Appeal within 30 days! This is required by the court and allows you to appeal your case in a timely fashion. What happens if you haven’t filed a notice of appeal and it has already surpassed 30 days? You should contact us immediately. We can review your case and examine the issues even if your previous attorney failed to do so.

Our Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys handle every type of criminal case argued before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This includes, but is not limited to

  • Gang activity, extortion, loan sharking, and kidnapping;
  • White-collar crimes such as bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, bribery, identity theft, insider trading, money laundering, and corruption;
  • Drug crimes including possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, and drug crime conspiracies;
  • Violent crimes such as assault, armed robbery, manslaughter, and murder;
  • Health care crimes including fraud, and knowingly making false and fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare claims.
  • Firearm crimes including possession of a weapon, importing and selling guns and ammo across state lines, and unlawful sale.

Federal Appeals Attorneys ensure that every client is treated fairly by the prosecution as well as the judges and justices of the court. The government and the courts do not protect your rights—it is up to you and your attorney to exercise the protections guaranteed to you by our Constitution and federal statutes. Let our Federal Appeals Attorneys protect your rights, ensure you have a fair trial, and guarantee that the justice system cannot trample over you or anyone else.

How do you get started on getting the justice you deserve? Contact us at 1- 800-APPEALS and let our qualified criminal appeals attorneys help you. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will not protect your rights – we can. Our appeals attorneys are trained experts on the law, trained experts on the federal appeals process, and trained to guarantee you justice.

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