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Everyone convicted of a crime in federal court has the right to appeal the decision, the sentence or both. We are a Federal Criminal Appeals law firm that practices exclusively in the Federal Appeals arena. Knowing the landscape of the Federal Appeals Courts i.e. the local rules of procedure, the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, is just the starting line for this firm. Finding every mistake and legal error that occurred in your case and developing a winning strategy is the finish line. In Minnesota, a federal criminal appeal is presented to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The rule and procedures of the Federal Appeals Courts are long and numerous. Take comfort in the fact that this is where we live and we make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted for your Federal Criminal Appeal. Many people are unaware that they may have the right to appeal convictions that violate constitutionally protected rights or seek other post-conviction relief such as the following:

  • A new trial or hearing;
  • A new or reduced sentenced;
  • Leniency, clemency or a pardon;
  • Overturning a judgment or conviction;
  • Habeas Corpus;
  • Early termination of probation; and
  • Expungement and restoration of civil rights.

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We are a boutique Federal Criminal Appeals law firm admitted to practice in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court. We can work with you on federal criminal appeals coming from Brooklyn Park, Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, St. Paul or any other city in Minnesota. We represent clients with criminal convictions involving violations of the RICO Act, the Hobbs Act and the False Claims Act and many, many others by plea or after trial. Appealable Constitutional issues and violations committed by the police, the prosecution or the trial court include the following:

  • U.S. Sentencing Guidelines;
  • Evidentiary Rules (Federal Rules of Evidence);
  • Dog sniff searches (4th Amendment);
  • Home searches, business searches, and curtilage searches (4th Amendment);
  • Search and Seizure Statutes (4th Amendment);
  • Arrest Warrants (4th Amendment);
  • Due Process Rights (5th Amendment);
  • Miranda Rights (5th Amendment);
  • Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel (6th Amendment); and
  • Excessive Sentencing and Cruel and Unusual Punishment (8th Amendment).

Minnesota Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Master the Trial Court Record

The essence of every appeal is the written appellate brief. This document is the first chance you have to persuasively present your plight to the panel of judges sitting on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Crafting an appellate brief requires a thorough understanding of the trial court record, a keen eye to catch the constitutional errors and violations that tainted your case, and knowledge of the law and appellate procedure. This should not be left to chance.

Therefore, it should be well-organized and well-written. The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our boutique firm take pride in crafting superior federal criminal appellate briefs. We also relish the opportunity to appear before the court for oral argument, when permitted. Why? Because oral argument is the final opportunity to strategically focus the judges on how your rights were denied, violated, or ignored, and what can be done to right the wrong. Sometimes the remedy is a new trial, other times a new sentencing hearing, and in exceptional cases, sometimes the prosecution will dismiss the case.

Some of the related areas of post-conviction appellate practice include the following:

  • Fraud and Public Corruption crimes including bank fraud, wire fraud, bribery, corporate fraud, tax evasion, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, investment scams, pyramid schemes, environmental crimes and public & private corruption cases;
  • Major crimes such as terrorism, cybercrime, child exploitation, human trafficking, immigration violations, identify theft, bank robberies, bank robberies and federal program fraud;
  • Organized and Violent crimes including gang prosecutions, extortion, loan sharking, manufacturing, trafficking, distribution, possession, and selling illegal controlled and non-controlled substances and narcotics; and
  • Firearm, explosives, and ammunition crimes including importing, producing and selling guns & ammo across state lines.

To be truly effective, an appellate brief must be well-organized, compelling and well-written. And, this process takes time. But on appeal, timing is not a luxury given because the law limits the amount of time to preserve and take an appeal. Consider the following:

  • You must file a Notice of Appeal within 14-days of the entry of the judgment or order that you are appealing to preserve your right to appeal;
  • You must file a statement of the issues presented on appeal within 14-days of the Notice of Appeal; and
  • You must file an appellate brief with the court and serve it upon the government within 40-days after filing the record on appeal.

Minnesota Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys Maximize Your Chances on Appeal

The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our firm take pride in crafting superior federal criminal appellate briefs. We understand that the outcome of almost every appeal depends entirely upon this document. We understand that your case, your future and your family’s future depend on our performance.

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