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Vermont Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers: Advocates With Impact

Handling Federal Criminal Appeals In Vermont And The Second Circuit Court of Appeals

We are a boutique law firm concentrating in the area of Federal Criminal Appeals in Vermont and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. We focus our practice on protecting the rights of individuals and corporate clients in complex federal criminal appeals in Vermont. We are admitted to practice in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. So, we can represent you in appealing your federal criminal conviction originating in Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Rutland, Springfield, or anywhere else in Vermont. And we have worked with many people in following types of Federal Criminal Appeals seeking relief such as:

  • A new trial or hearing;
  • A new or reduced sentenced;
  • Leniency, clemency or a pardon;
  • Overturning a judgment or conviction;
  • Habeas Corpus; and
  • Issues regarding probation; and
  • Restoration of civil rights.

The Federal Appellate system is complicated, federal appellate procedure is complex and the federal criminal statutes and sentencing guidelines are convoluted. Those convicted of federal crimes realize that the government devotes unlimited resources to investigating and prosecuting federal criminal charges. Sometimes, the resulting convictions and sentences are delivered in error. That is why it is important to work with knowledgeable and experienced federal criminal appellate lawyers who focus on federal criminal appeals.

Contact our Vermont federal criminal appeals lawyers at 1-800-APPEALS to help you determine if you have the right to appeal your federal criminal conviction, sentence or both. But, act fast because you have limited time under the rules:

  • You must file a Notice of Appeal within 14-days of the entry of the judgment or order that you are appealing to preserve your right to appeal;
  • You must file a statement of the issues presented on appeal within 14-days of the Notice of Appeal; and
  • You must file an appellate brief with the court and serve it upon the government after filing record on appeal.

Dedicated Vermont Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Identify Trial Court Errors

A federal criminal conviction, either by plea or after trial, is not the end of the line because the resulting convictions and sentences may have been tainted by error. Criminal trial attorneys, judges and prosecutors sometimes fail to recognize these errors. The job of federal criminal appeals attorneys is to identify and to raise on appeal the errors of law that occurred in the trial courts. This includes statutory, evidentiary and constitutional issues that resulted in denial of your right to a fair trial. The devil is always in the details, and the details are contained with the trial court transcripts.

The federal criminal appeals attorneys at our firm are passionate about representing clients with some of the following criminal convictions:

  • Cybercrimes including advance-fee schemes, non-delivery of goods or services, computer hacking, employment & business opportunity schemes and ‘phishing’ schemes;
  • Organized crime including conspiracy, RICO Act, extortion, loan sharking, mail fraud and wire fraud;
  • White collar crime including bank fraud, corporate fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, money laundering, public corruption and security fraud;
  • Healthcare fraud including Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud;
  • Domestic and international trafficking including drugs, arms, ammunition and human.
  • Drug crimes and gun crimes including manufacturing, distribution, possession, importing, producing and selling across state lines and national boundaries;
  • Crimes against children including exploitation, pornography and under the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act; and
  • Violent crimes and major crimes including carjacking, kidnapping, arson, bank robberies, manslaughter and murder.

Zealous Vermont Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Defend Your Rights and Liberties

We will combine our knowledge and experience with the technological resources necessary to get the job done. We will spend the time needed to read and analyze the voluminous trial court record to uncover all human and legal errors. We will highlight the evidence presented and evaluate the arguments made in light of the charges presented, convictions reached and sentences handed-down. We will also determine if the punishment fits the crime under the federal sentencing guidelines and ensure that each point assessed in your offense level is valid. We have successfully handled common issues, unique issues and some of the most difficult issues on appeal including the following:

  • Illegally obtained and admitted evidence in violation of the 4th Amendment through improper dog search, warrantless searches without probable cause, home searches, business searches, or curtilage searches;
  • Evidence admitted in violation of the Federal Rules of Evidence or insufficient evidence to support your conviction;
  • 5th Amendment violations including Due Process of law, Miranda Rights violations, violations of your Right to Remain Silent, and violations against Double Jeopardy;
  • 6th Amendment violations such Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, failure to provide a Speedy and Public Trial, and the Right to Confront Adverse Witnesses; and
  • Violations of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and unreasonable, excessive, or illegal sentences under the 8th Amendment.

Passionate Vermont Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Present Your Case Persuasively

The appellate process can involve both a written brief and an oral argument. The appellate brief is the first opportunity to make a strong, persuasive impression in your appeal; it is absolutely necessary to craft a strong and persuasive brief. The federal criminal appeals attorneys at our firm are celebrated legal writers who take pride in preparing powerful and persuasive briefs for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. We are also celebrated orators. So, if called upon to help the court understand the nuances of your case during an oral argument, we will refine the most important points on appeal in order to clarify to the judges how your rights were denied, violated and ignored. We will fight for your rights on appeal.

Protect your life. Protect your liberty. Call 1-800-APPEALS and speak with one of our experienced appellate attorneys.

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