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First Circuit Court of Appeals

Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer In The First Circuit Court Of Appeals

The First Circuit Court of Appeals encompasses the United States District Courts located in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island. If you have been convicted of a crime in any one of theses U.S. District Courts, then you must appeal your case to the First Circuit Court of Appeals located in Boston, Massachusetts.

We are a boutique law firm located in New York City and we handle only Federal Criminal Appeals in the First Circuit Court of Appeals and other Federal Circuits throughout the United States. Our focus in one specific area of the law makes us the go to firm for all types of Federal Criminal Convictions. There are few law firms that concentrate their practice in Federal Criminal Appeals. A criminal conviction in Federal Court can carry severe penalties including fines, restitution and lengthy prison sentences. If you are facing any one or all of these penalties, contact the law firm that focuses on Federal Criminal Appeals only. We will find the legal issues that make the difference in your case; we will find the errors committed by the court, the jury or even your own lawyer. Every possibility will be explored without exception.

Federal Criminal Appeals In The First Circuit Court of Appeals

We have handles all types of cases in the Federal Courts of Appeal including but not limited to the following:

  • Drug crimes including conspiracy, manufacturing, trafficking, distribution, possession, and selling illegal controlled and non-controlled substances and narcotics;
  • Violent crimes including assault with intent to commit murder, manslaughter, and murder;
  • Gang prosecutions, extortion, kidnapping, and loan sharking;
  • Firearm, explosives, and ammunition crimes including importing, producing, and selling guns and ammo across state lines;
  • Major crimes including arson, bank robberies, burglary, larceny, murder, and thefts; and
  • White-collar crimes including bank fraud, bribery, conspiracy, corporate fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, insider trading, money laundering, public corruption, and securities fraud;
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud;
  • Heath care fraud including knowingly making false and fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims

We Are The Federal Criminal Appeals Law Firm

We devote our attention to detail because detail is vital when arguing a Federal Criminal Appeal before New York’s Second Circuit. Federal Criminal Appeals in New York are far from easy and are often challenging and complex. Each Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has its own procedural rules and substantive laws, which must be followed during the appellate process, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York is no different. Our Federal Criminal Appeals lawyers are highly valued top writers and orators. With our outstanding, experienced Federal Criminal Appeal lawyers, your case will be handled professionally, persuasively, and with great attention to detail

We Identify Appealable Issues in Federal Criminal Appeals

We identify the right legal issues in every Federal Appeal, and we persuasively craft and present appealable issues stemming from pre-trial motions and hearings, the trial, and the sentencing hearing. Appealable issues take many forms such as constitutional issues, procedural issues and evidentiary issues. They may also include the following:

  • Home searches, business searches, and curtilage searches (4 th  Amendment);
  • Search and Seizure Statutes (4 th  Amendment);
  • Arrest Warrants (4 th  Amendment);
  • Due Process Rights (5 th  Amendment);
  • U.S. Sentencing Guidelines;
  • Evidentiary Rules (Federal Rules of Evidence);
  • Dog sniff searches (4 th  Amendment);
  • Miranda Rights (5 th  Amendment);
  • Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel (6 th  Amendment); and
  • Excessive Sentencing and Cruel and Unusual Punishment (8 th  Amendment).

Important Information On Waivers Of Appeal In Plea Agreements

If you have already signed a waiver of the right to appeal as part of your plea agreement, you may still be able to file a Federal Criminal Appeal depending on the terms of the waiver agreement and the sentence. Typically, a waiver of appeals is part of the settlement agreement between the defendant and the prosecution. If you have pleaded guilty to a crime and have signed a wavier of appeal, you may still be able to appeal your case. We will examine any waivers to determine whether or not the judge has acted outside the parameters of the agreement and what your chances are on appeal. This is an important point of departure for any Federal Criminal Appeal and must be examined before any discussion of an appeal. Call for a free consultation. Find out what rights you have. Don't give up. Fight back with the best. Call 1-800- APPEALS We Are Federal Criminal Appeals.

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