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Appealing Federal Convictions from the United States District Courts in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

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We are a boutique law firm representing clients in the Philadelphia area and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania appealing from the United States District Courts of the Eastern District and all counties within that District. These counties include Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton. All appeals taken from the Eastern District are taken to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our experienced attorneys are equipped to handle every type of federal conviction. We represent clients who have been convicted of a wide range of crimes such as larceny, fraud, embezzlement, drug trafficking, drug conspiracy, weapons possession, and more. Unlike other law firms, our focus is only on criminal appeals. Serious penalties like imprisonment, large fines, and restitution often follow a federal conviction. Contacting an attorney with the skillset, knowledge, and experience required to successfully handle your federal appeal might be the most important decision you make in your life.

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Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Identifying Appealable Issues in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals

Appealable issues are often overlooked and are never brought to the higher court’s attention. Our boutique firm is made up of experts who scrutinize the lower court transcripts to ensure no appealable issue remains buried in the record. Sometimes even the smallest issue can make the biggest difference in your case.

The attorneys at our firm have argued cases regarding unlawful searches and seizures; unlawful searches of you home, automobile, computer, or cell phone; improper warrants and arrests; unfair sentences and restrictions on probation or parole; illegal interrogation and introduction of statements into evidence; ineffective assistance of counsel and failure to identify major issues in your defense; and more. Take action against your unfair verdict and let a qualified Federal Criminal Appeals attorney help. We know the federal appeals process and how to use it to your advantage.

Appealing to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is a Complex Process

Appealing a federal conviction anywhere in the United States is a complicated process that requires great attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the federal appeals system. Federal appeals in Pennsylvania are no different. To successfully appeal a federal conviction in the Third Circuit, certain rules and procedures must be followed. Our expert Federal Criminal Appeals lawyers have experience navigating appeals in all Circuit Courts throughout the United States. We understand the heavy consequences of your federal conviction, which is why we dedicate our practice exclusively to criminal appeals.

Drug Trafficking Convictions in Philadelphia and the Third Circuit

If you have been convicted of a federal drug trafficking conviction, you need to consult with a Federal Criminal Appeals attorney right away. Some of the harshest penalties arise from drug related convictions in federal court; a lifetime sentence and/ or millions of dollars in fines is possible. But errors are made before, during, and after federal trials, and constitutional rights are violated. For instance, your constitutional rights may have been violated if police conducted an unlawful search and seizure, or the jury may have come to a guilty verdict after the judge gave erroneous instructions to the jury. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys know how to find appealable issues and present them persuasively before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania considers several factors to determine the sentence for a drug trafficking convictions. These include the type of drug that was involved, the quantity of the illegal substance, and the criminal history of the defendant. Lengthy sentences are often imposed on defendants convicted of drug trafficking crimes and additional factors can increase your offense level, which tack on even more time to your already lengthy sentence. The importance of contacting an experienced Federal Criminal Appeals lawyer to handle your drug trafficking conviction cannot be overstated.

Two Important Tools in a Federal Criminal Appeal: The Appellate Brief and Oral Argument

Our attorneys are award-winning writers and speakers. The appellate brief is probably the most important documents in your federal criminal appeal and in the Third Circuit. Our attorneys craft appellate briefs in a persuasive yet concise manner so your arguments catch the attention of the panel of judges on the Third Circuit. We scrutinize the lower court record and mold the legal issues into a perfect argument. With us, you can rest assured the panel of Third Circuit judges will receive a presentable, persuasive brief that encompasses all the essential arguments.

After the appellate brief is submitted, your attorney will have a chance to present your arguments in person before the panel of the Third Circuit. Usually, appellate courts allow a limited amount of time for each attorney to present his or her argument. This means it is critical that your attorney efficiently and effectively presents the arguments in a way that will persuade the judges to give serious consideration to the errors committed by the lower court. Arguing before a panel of federal appellate judges is not for the faint hearted and not for every lawyer. Our team of expert speakers has the confidence and presentation it takes to capture the attention of the Third Circuit panel. Remember, appellate courts are overloaded with appeals. You need an attorney with extensive experience arguing before appellate courts so your appeal stands out from the rest.

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