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We handle federal criminal appeals from Tennessee and in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi is a boutique law firm devoting its entire practice to defending the constitutionally protected rights applicable to individual and corporate clients in complex federal criminal appeals. We are admitted to practice in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. We serve Chattanooga, Clarksville, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville and many other cities in Tennessee and the U.S. District Courts in the Eastern District, Middle District and Western District of Tennessee.

Being tried, convicted, and sentenced to a federal crime is a precarious position. If this has happened to you or someone that you know, then you understand that the federal criminal trial process is overwhelming. The government throws unlimited resources towards gathering evidence in support of its case. The prosecutors browbeat those suspected of committing a federal offense into pleading guilty. And for those who maintain their innocence, they are put through the meat grinder that is our criminal justice trial system. But, there is hope. Everyone convicted of a crime has the right to appeal, and we can help.

We have experience representing clients with federal criminal convictions, including but not limited to, the following:

  • White Collar and Economic crimes such as retirement plan fraud, health insurance fraud, investment fraud, Ponzi & pyramid schemes, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and annuities fraud;
  • National and international drug & narcotics crimes including manufacturing, distribution, and trafficking;
  • Organized crime, public corruption, and RICO violations;
  • Firearms and violent crimes such home invasions, felony possession of a firearm, federal firearms laws, and illegal felony possession;
  • Public Safety crimes including crimes against the public, pornography, crimes targeting the elderly, hate crimes, terrorism, and environmental crimes; and
  • General crimes involving the mail, crimes committed on federal property, counterfeiting of U.S. currency, credit card fraud, and computer crimes

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Tennessee Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Know that Timing is Everything

Why is timing everything in a federal criminal appeal? To preserve your right to appeal a wrongful federal criminal conviction, you must file a Notice of Appeal within 14 days from the date when your sentence was imposed. Thereafter, you to file and submit a written appellate brief. It is in this brief that you will outline the Constitutional issues, violations, and other legal errors that resulted in your improper federal criminal conviction, sentence, or both. The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our firm have experience in successfully raising some of the most common, the most unique, and the most difficult legal errors affecting a criminal conviction including the following:

  • Fourth Amendment issues involving convictions based upon tainted evidence, illegal evidence obtained through warrantless searches, undercover officers, confidential informants, or warrantless searches, or improperly admitted evidence;
  • Fifth Amendment violations of due process such as denial of equal treatment, forced confessions, or violations of your constitutionally protected Miranda Rights;
  • Sixth Amendment legal errors such as deprival of a speedy and public trial, not being allowed to confront adverse witnesses, and errors due to ineffective assistance of counsel; and
  • Eighth Amendment violations such as the misapplication of federal sentencing guidelines resulting, harsh, long, or unreasonable sentences, or sentences that are cruel and unusual punishment.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Tactfully Tell Your Tale

Before writing the appellate brief, the federal criminal appeals attorneys at our firm must evaluate the facts, analyze the law, and work with you to outline a strategy in order to craft a winning appellate brief. Don’t forget, the appellate brief is the first thing that the appellate judges will see regarding your case. So it is important for us to make sure that the first impression is a good one and a persuasive one. First, we need to review the trial court proceedings contained in the record and transcripts. Once our strategy is established, we will write, refine, and rewrite a compelling appellate brief which complies with the highest standards of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Turn Heads During Oral Argument

But, we do not stop with the appellate brief. We go the extra to make sure you are given the best chance during appeal. This means we request an oral argument before the panel of appellate judges. Why? Because the federal criminal appeals attorneys at the our firm understand the importance of taking every opportunity to plead your case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. We want to make sure that every significant legal issue is raised, discussed, and considered. We will walk with you to the very end and beyond when necessary.

We are your sword and your shield. We never give up, so you don’t give up. Call 1-800-APPEALS.

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