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We handle Federal Appeals Cases Across United States

We handle Federal Criminal Appeals in all Federal Circuit Courts throughout the United States. Whether your case has gone to trial or you have taken a plea and want to appeal your sentence, we are ready to assist you in filing appellate briefs and making the best legal arguments possible.

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Type Of Cases We Do

  • Federal Criminal Appeals (after trial)

    We will scrutinize the record and trial transcripts and find the best legal issues to raise on your appeal.

  • Federal Criminal Appeals (after plea and sentence)

    We are well versed in the sentencing guidelines and will make every argument possible to obtain the lowest offense level and criminal history category.

  • Writ of Habeas Corpus

    We have an intimate knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the issues that may be raised in your Habeas Petition.

  • Writ of Errors Coram Nobis

    Often overlooked and rarely used, this Writ may be essential to your case. We know when to use it.

  • U.S. Supreme Courts

    Getting to the U.S. Supreme Court starts with a petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. Drafting this petition is a unique skill best left to an experienced appeals lawyer.

Meet Attorney Stephen Preziosi

I have proudly headed the appellate practice of my own law firm for over a decade and I have been an attorney for close to twenty years. I have handled every type of criminal appeal in the Federal Appellate Courts and I am always ready to zealously fight for your rights in any court and before any judge. Treating clients the way I would want my own family members to be treated is at the heart of my practice.

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  • Admissions

Advanced Degrees

J.D. of Law

M.B.A. in finance and management

Admitted to all courts in New York State

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

United States Supreme Court

Why Choose Us

We are a unique firm that focuses on one area of law: Federal Criminal Appeals

I believe that concentrating my firm’s practice on one area of law makes us better lawyers with the core objective of obtaining the best results for our clients. Proficiency and expertise in one sphere is developed through the repeated exercise and performance of one activity; writing legal briefs in criminal appeals on a daily basis develops that skill. Writing compelling and persuasive briefs to an appellate courts starts with an intimate knowledge of essential constitutional concepts. Which arguments will work and which will be disregarded, distinguishing between which legal concepts are important and must be raised and which have not been preserved for appellate review, knowing when to raise an argument even though it has not been preserved for appellate review and when to go back to the trial court to create a record so that a legal issue can be argued on appeal: this is all an intimate part of our core knowledge. Because it is only when we identify and focus the appellate court’s attention on a specific issue can we then write powerful and effective briefs. We are a unique law firm because our focus on one area of the law vests us with the knowledge and ability to make the best legal arguments and obtain the best results for your case.

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