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Have you been convicted of a federal crime and are now facing serious consequences such as jail, fines, and restitution? You need a Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer to help you get the justice you deserve. It is imperative that you consider hiring a Federal Criminal Appeals attorney rather than a trial attorney for a criminal appeal. Our entire practice is dedicated to ensuring you receive the relief you deserve. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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We are a boutique law firm experienced in protecting individual and corporate clients in complex federal criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. We serve Ada, Ardmore, Broken Arrow, Chickasha, Del City, Durant, Enid, Lawton, Midwest City, Muskogee, Norman, Oklahoma City, Ponca City, Shawnee, Tulsa and many other cities in Oklahoma. We are admitted in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. Therefore, we can represent you in appealing your federal criminal conviction originating in Oklahoma all the way to the highest court in the United States, if necessary.

Our federal criminal appeals lawyers have experience in a wide-range of federal criminal appeals including the following:

  • Crimes involving terrorism and national security;
  • Economic espionage;
  • Crimes involving gangs and organized-crime;
  • Drug and gun crimes;
  • Bank Robberies;
  • Public Corruption;
  • Financial Fraud;
  • Mortgage Fraud;
  • Bank Fraud;
  • Corporate Fraud;
  • Health Care Fraud;
  • Internet Fraud;
  • Identify Theft and Fraud;
  • Child Pornography;
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Postal Offenses;
  • Regulatory Offenses; and
  • Crimes occurring in Indian Country.

Oklahoma Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Offer Solutions on Appeal

What are some of your post-conviction options? Post-conviction relief can be divided into two main categories: legal challenges based upon the trial court record and legal challenges based upon issues and information not contained in the trial court record. The federal criminal appeals attorneys at our firm have helped many people seek some of the following relief:

  • A motion for reconsideration seeking an acquittal, a new trial, an arrest of judgment or a sentence modification;
  • A direct appeal challenging the legality of your conviction, sentence or both;
  • A collateral appeal based upon new evidence or claims of ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • A Writ of Habeas Corpus claiming your imprisonment is arbitrary or improper; and
  • A motion seeking to modify the terms of probation.

What results can you expect from direct appeal? Direct appeals are made to a court of appeals. For convictions originating in Oklahoma, that court of appeals is the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel of judges will not decide if you are innocent or guilty. Rather, they will search the trial court record to determine if your conviction, sentence or both are the result of prejudicial legal errors. A favorable decision can result in the reversal of your conviction, the modification of your sentence or a new trial or sentencing hearing. In rare cases, a decision might persuade the government to drop the charges.

What happens if the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals denies my direct appeal? You can file a motion with the Supreme Court of the United States asking them to review the decision. Even if your request is denied, you might still be able to submit a collateral attack on your case known as a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

What is a collateral attack? It is a request made to the trial court to consider issues not presented during the trial such as new evidence or a mistake made by your trial court attorney. The reason that this request must first be made to the trial court is to allow the original judge to consider the new positions, issues and arguments. If denied, you can seek a review from a higher court of law.

Do I get a chance to appear before a judge and explain myself during post-conviction relief? No. All post-conviction relief requests are made by filing a written document, often called an appellate brief or motion or writ. It is in this document that you must frame the issues, present your evidence, support your arguments with case law and outline what corrective action must be taken.

Oklahoma Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Are Oriented Towards Victory

When should you seek help defending your rights on appeal? You should contact our firm as soon as possible so that we can review your case, outline your options and help you develop a strategy. The road to relief on appeal is time-consuming and the details count. Finding and raising legal errors is only the start. The process of writing a well-reasoned, detailed and persuasive appellate brief takes time and patience. But, we leave nothing to chance when defending your rights on appeal.

Your appeal to justice is our job, and we take pride in what we do for our clients.

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