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Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Maryland

Maryland Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Preserve Your Constitutional Rights

Federal Criminal Appeals In Maryland And The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

We are a boutique law firm that handles Federal Criminal Appeals exclusively. Our expert federal criminal appeals lawyers work to protect your rights if you have been convicted in a United States District Court in Maryland and in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The United States Constitution ensures every defendant due process of law and the right to a fair trial. Constitutional protections play an enormous role in federal criminal appeals as they apply not only to the trial, but also to arrests, indictments, the admission of evidence, jury instructions, the manner in which the trial and appellate process are conducted, and more. Although the purpose of these Amendments was to protect these rights, trials are not always fair. Judges commit errors and prosecutors can mislead juries. There is hope; you have the right to appeal a criminal conviction to a higher court of law.

Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have the expertise to successfully appeal a conviction or sentence, no matter how severe. If you or someone you know was wrongfully convicted or improperly sentenced for a federal crime, we can help. We argue all federal criminal appeals issues including:

  • Fourth Amendment issues involving undercover officers, confidential police informants, illegal tracking of your automobile, boat, or plane, illegal wiretaps or your phone or computer, and illegally obtained evidence improperly admitted;
  • Fifth Amendment violations such as denial of equal treatment, forced or coerced confessions, or Miranda Rights violations;
  • Sixth Amendment errors such as deprival of a speedy and public trial, denial of your right to confront adverse witnesses, and ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • Eighth Amendment violations such as the misapplication of federal sentencing guidelines resulting in an increased or unreasonable sentence or amounting to cruel and unusual punishment; and
  • Convictions based upon improperly admitted or tainted evidence.

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Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Practicing in Maryland and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Our federal criminal appeals attorneys will unveil every legal error present in the trial court record. We scrutinize every inch of the record so that no legal error, violation, or Constitutional issue is overlooked. If you were wrongfully convicted of a federal crime, uncovering these appealable issues could mean the difference between spending a lifetime in prison and walking free again. Hiring the right experienced federal criminal appeals lawyer is crucial at this stage.

We are a boutique law firm devoting our entire practice to defending the constitutionally protected rights applicable to individual and corporate clients in complex federal criminal appeals. Our federal criminal appeals lawyers are admitted to practice in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. So, whether your conviction and sentence originated in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf or anywhere throughout the state of Maryland, we can help. We have experience representing clients with federal criminal convictions, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Simple and Complex Fraud including mail fraud, wire fraud, healthcare fraud, bank fraud, identify theft, and fraud targeting federal programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance providers;
  • National security, human rights, organized crime, public corruption, and RICO crimes;
  • Public Safety crimes including terrorism, environmental crimes, property crimes, and pornography;
  • Drug and Narcotics crimes such as manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, importing, possession, importing, producing, diversion, distribution, and selling of controlled substances and narcotics; and
  • General crimes involving mail, federal property crimes, counterfeit of U.S. currency, credit card fraud, computer crimes, and customs violations.

It is important that you meet the 14-day deadline required to file the Notice of Appeal. This lets the court know that you intend to move forward with your appeal after your conviction. The Notice of Appeal must be filed within 14 days after your sentencing. This deadline is crucial and you should contact an experienced Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer as soon as possible after your sentence, or ideally before you are sentenced.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Protect the Process and Procedure

One of the most important aspects of the federal criminal appeals process is the appellate brief. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys are expert writers who combine their superior writing skills with their knowledge of the law to craft a well-structured, persuasive appellate brief. Prior to crafting the brief, our lawyers research extensively to ensure the legal arguments of your case are arguments that will lead you down the road to a successful appeal. Once our strategy is established, we will write, refine, and rewrite a compelling appellate brief, which complies with the highest standards of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Do not make the mistake of hiring trial lawyers who may not possess the vital skills required to write effective and persuasive briefs. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have perfected the art of effective brief writing.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Navigate the Road to Success

Following the appellate brief is oral argument before the panel of appellate judges. Attempting to persuade a panel of highly educated judges is not for everyone. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys have mastered the art of persuasive speech- an essential skill when arguing before the panel of judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our job is to ensure they recognize the errors and the possible outcomes necessary to right the wrong.

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