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Federal Criminal Appeals In North Carolina And The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Our boutique law firm is unique in that it handles only Federal Criminal Appeals. We put our experience to work for you in the area of Federal Criminal Appeals and protect all of your rights in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Everyone is entitled to due process of law in the United States of America, especially in the process of a Federal Criminal Appeal. This is a broad concept that regulates the methods and manners in which the government can act when they suspect that a crime has been committed. Pre-trial investigations, arrests, indictments, the admission of evidence, the instructions given to juries, and the manner in which the trial and appellate process are conducted are all protected by due process of law. Despite the constitutional safeguards, mistakes are made because judges are busy, juries are often disinterested, and prosecutors take shortcuts. There is still hope, even when your trial is over. Consult a federal criminal appeals attorney for free by calling 1-800-APPEALS.

If you or someone you know was wrongfully convicted or improperly sentenced after a federal conviction, we can help. The federal criminal appeals lawyers at our firm have years of experience finding legal errors or Constitutional violations that may have occurred during, before, or after the trial, which include:

  • Fourth Amendment issues involving undercover officers, confidential police informants, illegal tracking of your automobile, boat, or plane, illegal wiretaps or your phone or computer, and illegally obtained evidence improperly admitted;
  • Fifth Amendment violations such as denial of equal treatment, forced or coerced confessions, or Miranda Rights violations;
  • Sixth Amendment errors such as deprival of a speedy and public trial, denial of your right to confront adverse witnesses, and ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • Eighth Amendment violations such as the misapplication of federal sentencing guidelines resulting in an increased or unreasonable sentence or amounting to cruel and unusual punishment; and
  • Convictions based upon improperly admitted or tainted evidence.

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Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Serving North Carolina: An Overview

The first step to appealing a federal criminal conviction is reviewing the trial records to search for legal issues that resulted in a wrongful conviction or sentence. Once our federal criminal appeals lawyers uncover Constitutional issues or violations, we begin researching statutes and case law so that we may begin the brief-writing process. After crafting and filing a well-written, persuasive brief to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, we present the argument in front of a panel of judges at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Drug crimes, firearm crimes and money laundering;
  • Robbery, home invasion, felons in possession of firearms, assaults on federal agents, kidnapping, bank robbery and armored car robbery;
  • Health care fraud, procurement fraud, illegal diversion or dispensation of prescription drugs and bankruptcy;
  • Major fraud including deceptive accounting, insider trading, falsification of corporate financial information, identify theft, tax evasion, insurance fraud, bank fraud, wire & mail fraud, mortgage fraud and fraud committed against federal agencies;
  • Human smuggling, international organized crime, gang activity, immigration crimes and RICO violations;
  • Terrorism and national security violations;
  • Public corruption, export and customs violations, child exploitation and environmental crimes; and
  • Passport and visa fraud, counterfeiting of currency, impersonating federal agents, fraud involving Social Security, the Veterans Administration and the Postal Service.

North Carolina Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Thoroughly Review the Trial Court Proceedings for Prejudicial Legal Errors

The federal appeal attorneys at our firm are dedicated to defending your rights. We understand that a direct appeal is your best first-step in challenging the legality of your conviction, sentence or both. In a direct appeal, you are asking a higher court to review all of the documents, evidence, testimony and discussions between the court and the attorneys to assure that you were not denied due process of law. For convictions coming out of North Carolina, the higher court is the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. There is a panel of very experienced judges who will be looking for prejudicial legal errors that negatively affected the outcome of your case. It is critical that your arguments are presented in the best possible way so that the judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals do not overlook any prejudicial legal errors. The best way to achieve this is by hiring one of our federal criminal appeals lawyers.

Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Surpass All Expectations

Our federal criminal appeals attorneys go the extra mile to ensure you have the best chance possible at post-conviction relief. Winning a federal criminal appeal is not easy. We, above anyone, understand this concept, which is why we don’t stop working until we are certain we have crafted superior arguments in the most effective and persuasive manner. We pour extensive time and efforts into your case because we understand the severity of the consequences of federal conviction or sentence. We refine, rewrite, and do it all over again until we have a compelling argument that complies with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ strict standards.

North Carolina Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Are on Your Team

Our federal criminal appeals lawyers work with you to review the trial court record, to outline your options, to establish an appellate strategy and to write a clear, concise and persuasive appellate brief. We want to give your call for post-conviction relief every opportunity for success. So, when called upon to discuss the merits of your case during oral argument, we will review the record, make note of the finer points and anticipate the questions that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will likely ask. Even if your direct appeal is not successful, you can seek review by the Supreme Court of the United States or seek other forms or post-conviction relief.

We walk beside you every step of the way. Call 1-800-APPEALS and speak with one of our experienced federal criminal appeals attorneys about your case and your options.

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