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We are a boutique law firm that handles only Federal Criminal Appeals. We have extensive experience in the area of Federal Criminal Appeals. We know Federal Criminal law and how to apply and assert those laws in your favor. Knowing and understanding your rights after you have been convicted of a Federal Crime is, by necessity, the place you must start. Consult with expert Federal Criminal Appellate lawyers that will inform you and develop an individualized strategy for your case. Whether you took a plea or went to trial, the first step in a successful Federal Criminal Appeal is being informed and hiring the Appellate Lawyers with the right experience. We are admitted to practice in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. While many law firms handle a wide range of legal matters or criminal matters, we only do Federal Criminal Appeals.

Federal convictions can carry a wide range of serious penalties, including restitution, fines and often a jail sentence. If you have been convicted of a federal crime and are subject to any of these penalties, you need to call the law firm that handles only Federal Criminal Appeals. Our exclusive practice gives us intimate knowledge of the issues you are facing and you will receive a free consultation and a thorough explanation of the Federal Criminal Appeals process.

We are a Federal Criminal Appeals law firm, and we experienced in protecting individual and corporate clients in complex federal criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. We can help you understand and explore your post-conviction options including the following:

  • A direct appeal of your conviction, sentence or both;
  • A collateral appeal raising issues outside of the trial court record;
  • Section 2254 and 2255 motions to vacate a conviction or sentence, known as Writs of Habeas Corpus;
  • Motions for leniency, clemency or a pardon;
  • Motion seeking modification of probation; and
  • Motions seeking to expunge your criminal record.

We serve all the United States District Court of Nevada including Las Vegas and Reno and any other city in Nevada where a Federal Criminal case may arise. And because we are admitted in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C., we can represent you in appealing your federal criminal conviction all the way to the top. We have experience in a wide-range of federal criminal appeals including the following:

  • Crimes involving fraud including bankruptcy, financial institutions, health care, identity theft, insurance, investment and mortgage;
  • Bank robbery, firearm crimes, violent crimes and interstate transportation of stolen property; Drug crimes;
  • Crimes involving computers and the internet including cybercrimes;
  • Crimes involving child exploitation, child pornography and the Child Support Recovery Act;
  • Crimes involving government contracts, government programs, government property, public corruption, taxes and postal service crimes;
  • Crimes involving civil rights and hate crimes;
  • Environmental crimes; and
  • Immigration crimes.

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Nevada Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers Narrow the Issues on Appeal

Direct appeals are your first line of defense against an illegal conviction, sentence or both. But, the entire appeal is based upon the evidence presented at trial, the facts proven and the law applied. There is no new trial, and there is no jury. Rather, you must prepare a written appellate brief and submit it to the panel of judges sitting on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This panel of very experienced judges is looking for one thing – prejudicial legal errors that affected the verdict.

Our boutique law firm understands the criminal appellate process and appellate procedure, we know how to review the record and raise and persuasively argue constitutional violations including the following:

  • 4th Amendment violations involving evidence illegally obtained by undercover officers & cooperating witnesses, wiretaps & GPS tracking, warrantless searches, dog searches and unconstitutional searches of your home, business or curtilage;
  • 5th Amendment violations such as failure to provide due process of law, a fair trial, equal treatment under the law, convictions based forced confessions or Miranda Rights violations;
  • 6th Amendment violations including deprival of the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to confront adverse witnesses including limited cross-examination testimony and the right to effective assistance of counsel;
  • Convictions based upon improperly admitted hearsay evidence, insufficient evidence, failure to disclose exculpatory evidence or supported by prosecutorial misconduct; and
  • 8th Amendment violations such as sentencing errors, misapplication of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, improper Guideline calculation, adjustments resulting in an increased or unreasonable sentence, errors involving restitution, errors involving supervised release or sentences amounting to Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

Nevada Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys Navigate the Appellate Process on Your Behalf

Most often, the outcome of an appeal depends entirely upon the written appellate brief. Therefore, it is very important that this brief be clearly and concisely written highlighting the prejudicial errors and citing the most relevant case law. However, sometimes the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will call upon your attorney to discuss complex cases. The federal criminal appeals attorneys at our firm appreciate this opportunity to personalize your plight and to demonstrate that we believe justice cannot stand on legal errors. We take every opportunity to seek a reversal of your conviction, a modification of your sentence or a new trial or hearing.

We protect the unprotected. We defend those who have been denied due process of law.

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